Laura's Talks

If you like my blog, but hate reading, sometimes I say these things out loud. 

Most founders want to build a billion dollar business, but they sometimes forget that giants like Facebook didn't start out as giants. In this talk, Laura Klein, author of UX for Lean Startups and Build Better Products, outlines some of the most important strategies that companies used to build and learn before they grew.

Quantitative vs Qualitative Research, Lean Product & Lean UX Silicon Valley, 2015

Five Ways to Find Out if Your Idea is StupidLean Startup conference, 2015

Interviewed by Dan Olsen,  Lean Product Silicon Valley Meetup, 2014

Identify and Validate Your Riskiest AssumptionsLean Startup Conference, 2014

The Three Reasons Users Don't Convert  O'Reilly Webcast, 2013

What are metrics?  User Experience Design for Developers by Google, 2013

Live Q&A with Eric Ries and Laura Klein, The Lean Startup Conference, 2013

Essential Tips for Lean User Research O'Reilly Webcast, 2013

What's Lean UX? User Experience Design for Developers by Google, 2013