Detours from the Happy Path

In this episode, Kate and Laura get all metaphorical about basic task definition and flows. Also, they introduce a drinking game where you have to chug every time they say "task flow," so you're going to have to sign a release saying the podcast is not responsible for your inevitable alcohol poisoning. 

Drink Pairing: Preferably something that won't kill you when you drink a gallon of it

A UX Garden of Versus

In this episode, Kate and Laura talk about fights instead of fighting. Specifically, they bring up some of their least favorite examples of people comparing totally different methodologies against each other. Personas vs JTBD! Agile vs Waterfall! Come on, people. No need to argue. Everything can suck equally. 

Drink Pairing: Appletinis

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In this episode, Kate and Laura decide to sing for some reason. 'Tis the season for assaulting your eardrums, apparently. Anyway, I would like to just preemptively apologize for this, and I promise we'll try not to get this drunk in the future. (We will fail at this, but it's the thought that counts, probably.) Look, at least it's short. 

Drink pairing: Whatever it is, you're gonna need a shitload of it. Did I mention we sing? Sorry, "sing".