What We Learned

It's a totally arbitrary milestone! On this, their 99th episode, Kate and Laura pretend that they're capable of learning and argue about what's changed and what's stayed the same over the years since they started yelling at each other. 

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Drink Pairing: Candy Corn Martini (it's a martini made with candy corn infused vodka which is apparently a thing that exists because everything is terrible)

UX Education

In this episode, Laura's off yelling at clouds and the notable Jess Ivins steps in to talk about learning, education and how to keep growing as a UX person. Jess says smart and helpful things while Kate rambles on, but does get in some good references to articles she did not write. A highlight is how to talk to your boss to get the company to invest in your learning.

Drink pairing: The dark, inky joy of a good Malbec.


In this episode, Kate and Laura yell about PRDs, MRDs, and FRDs which are things that nobody under 40 has ever heard of or cared about. They also talk about how PMs and UXers can never agree on who is responsible for what kinds of requirements, probably because they're all too busy redefining their job descriptions. 

Drink pairing: Pumpkin Spice Vodka (Look, it's autumn, so I assume this abomination exists somewhere)

Everything Ops is New Again

In this episode, Laura blathers on again about DevOps while Kate desperately tries to explain how any of this is relevant to designers. (Ed. note: It isn't!) They finally agree to yell at people about naming their layers while admitting that they never have and never will. Laura accidentally coins the phrase: Enforce, Evolve, and Enhance, which sounds like something directly out of 1984. 

Drink Pairing: Fuzzy Navel