Sometimes I write things that are longer than blog posts. Here are two of them. 


Build Better Products

Over the last 20 years, it’s gotten a lot easier to build new products. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be any easier to build great products. Hundreds of new products launch every day, only to disappear into the oblivion of consumer disinterest because the decision makers don’t understand how to make things their customers want to buy and use.

Build Better Products is a practical, hands-on guide that teaches teams how to incorporate strategy, empathy, design, and analytics into their development process in order to build useful, usable, and desirable things. It also contains direct, actionable advice from product, design, and marketing experts like Steve Krug, Cindy Alvarez, Irene Au, and Avinash Kaushik.

Learn how to develop products and features that improve your company’s bottom line while improving your customer’s experience by:

  • Aligning your team around the right business goal
  • Understanding your users’ needs and behaviors
  • Creating innovative solutions to observed problems
  • Validating your ideas
  • Measuring your progress

Learn how to Build Better Products. 


UX for Lean Startups

Are you an entrepreneur or product manager struggling to validate your ideas, connect with your customers, and build a product users love?

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Listen to your customers throughout the product’s lifecycle
  • Understand why you should design a test before you design a product
  • Get nine tools that are critical to designing your product
  • Discern the difference between necessary features and nice-to-haves
  • Learn how a Minimum Viable Product affects your UX decisions
  • Use A/B testing in conjunction with good UX practices
  • Speed up your product development process without sacrificing quality