Why Is Innovation Hard at Big Companies?

I gave a keynote at Lean Startup Week 2017 in SF, early in November about some of the most common problems that large companies have implementing Lean Startup. Here's a little blog post I wrote up for the Business Talent Group blog summarizing the talk. 

If you’re responsible for launching new products, you’ve probably come across Eric Ries’s best-selling book, The Lean Startup. The Lean Startup methodology—which was created to help founders in Silicon Valley build better products—is incredibly useful for new companies and entrepreneurs who are trying to create innovative products and find product-market fit.

Over the years, however, Lean Startup has gone from something practiced by a few early adopters in very small companies to something that’s made inroads at organizations like GE, Toyota, and the federal government. And when you’re trying to introduce a big change at a large, established organization, you run into some very specific challenges.

I’ve spent years helping organizations of all sizes build new products and, in particular, create product development processes that help them continue to deliver. Here’s what I’ve learned about being an innovator at big companies—and helping them adopt the best of Lean Startup methodology. 

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