Whose Job is User Research? An Interview with Tomer Sharon

I'm interviewing researchers, designers, product managers, and other people in tech about their opinions on how user research should be done within companies. This is the second post in the series, and it appeared in full on the Rosenfeld Media blog. 

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As part of my ongoing series of posts where I try to get to the bottom of who owns user research, I reached out to Tomer Sharon, former Sr. User Experience Researcher for Google Search and now Head of UX at WeWork. He also wrote a book called It’s Our Research which addresses this exact topic, and his new book Validating Product Ideas is now available. He’ll be speaking at the upcoming Product Management + User Experience from Rosenfeld Media about ways teams can work together to learn more about their users.

I asked Tomer a few questions about his recent statement that UX at WeWork won’t have a research department and what suggestions he has for creating a team that conducts research well and uses it wisely.


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