What You Don't Know About Growth

You shouldn’t have to be a growth hacker to care about growing your product’s user base. Understanding growth is important for Product Managers, UX Designers, and Entrepreneurs, too.

If you read about growth hacking (and I’ll admit that I do this obsessively), you’ll come across a couple of points that seem like they contradict one another:

  • There are hundreds of tricks and hacks to improve reach and growth for your product.
  • An incredibly important part of growth is building a great product that solves a serious problem for someone.

These are both true statements.

It is far, far easier to achieve sustainable, long term growth for a great product that solves problems for people than for a gimmicky product that doesn’t really work. However, even the best products can fail if you don’t pay attention to growth and use some smart tactics to get it in front of the right people. History is littered with “better” products that lost to “worse” ones.

“It’s easier to grow a great product.” — Tweet This

So, how do we combine these things and build great products that grow? The key is to pay attention to growth strategy and tactics as we build, rather than wait until we’ve launched and then spin up the marketing and PR machine or try to hire a growth hacker.

I’ve spent the last several months collecting advice from real growth experts in order to put together the top strategies and tactics that Product Managers, Entrepreneurs, and UX Designers should know about building high growth products, and I’ve put all this information into a class that I’ll be teaching on July 21st.

You should take this class if you’d like to learn more about:

  • Identifying your Ideal Customer for product/market fit
  • Acquiring the right customers from the right places
  • Measuring the customer lifecycle funnel and improving your customer’s journey through your product
  • Helping your customer get successful sooner
  • Finding the right engine of growth for your product (tip: viral sharing is not for everybody!)

This is an online, hands-on workshop. That means that you can tune in from your desk, but you’ll be expected to do some work on your own product to follow along.

If you want to learn what growth, product, and UX experts like Sean Ellis, Lincoln Murphy, Nichole Elizabeth DeMere, Dan Martell, Christina Wodtke, and Amy Jo Kim have to say about building a product that acquires, converts, and retains people quickly, you should take this class.

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