Three Reasons Your Visitors Don't Convert

I wrote a post about Conversion for Startup Grind. 

Let me tell you the story of far too many startups. A few people have a brilliant idea. They go off and spend six months to a year building it. Then they launch it into the world and wait for the users and money to come pouring in.

When that fails to happen roughly 100% of the time, they break down and start spending on PR. Maybe they get a mention on Techcrunch. They get featured in a few blogs. The traffic starts trickling in. The problem now, is that while they’ve got some visitors, none of those visitors are sticking around or turning into customers. Nobody is converting.
What Is Conversion?

The first problem with conversion is that the term is a little bit vague. Theoretically, it means turning a visitor into a customer. E-commerce companies use it to mean when somebody buys something. Growth Hackers use it to mean getting an email address on a landing page. Mobile developers can use it to mean getting somebody to download an app or create an account.
All of these definitions have a couple of things in common:

  • They all represent an exchange of value of some sort.

  • They’re all much harder to do than you’d think.

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